Data from Brooks' Pyranometer Site

Worcester, Pennsylvania, USA
39.955N 75.188W 129 m

Insolation data are collected with an Apogee PYR-P pyranometer and an IESRE pyranometer, mounted side-by-side. The air temperature are collected with an Onset Computer Corporation TMC6-HA sensor with a stated accuracy of 0.25C, installed inside an RS-1 radiation shield. All data are logged at one-minute intervals with an Onset Computer Corporation 12-bit U12-006 four-channel data logger. As this logger is not rated for outdoor use, it is kept inside a gasketed metal enclosure, inside a plastic bag filled with cat litter to prevent moisture from condensing on the printed circuit board and connectors.

This site is not suitable for accurately measuring total insolation because it is surrounded by trees and is within several meters of a two-story house. Hence, its purpose is mainly for pyranometer calibration and studies of long-term pyranometer stability and reliability. Data from this site can also be used to study cloud patterns.

May, 2008
June, 2008
July, 2008