NOAA data

1971-2000 and 1981-2010 Climate Normals for the 50 States,
DC, and territories

Accesses 30-year climate normals by state, for 1971-2000 or 1981-2010. Data are reported by month plus
annual average. Station longitude and latitude are included the output. Not all stations record all parameters.
Text output is displayed in comma-separated format, which can be copied and pasted into a .csv file. Click HERE for a brief
overview of climate normal datasets. Click HERE for a description of the Bubble Graph output option.

Select State (other):
Select time period: 1971-2000     1981-2010
Parameters (select one):
(ft) site elevation
(°F) Average temperature     Maximum Temperature     Minimum Temperature
(inches) Precipitation     Snow (1981-2010 only)
(65°F base) Heating Degree Days     Cooling Degree Days
Select output type:
All data for selected parameter     Lon/Lat table for selected parameter and month (or annual mean)
Bubble Graph showing differences between sites and statewide means or totals
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Radius scaling for temperature: HDD/CDD Precip/snow Elevation