Redesigned Web Page

07 September, 2004

If you're reading this page, I suppose it's obvious that you know my Web page is no longer at (That URL still exists, but you should no longer use if.) Nonetheless...

My new Web page is (hopefully!) better organized. Some of the improvements include:

  1. The Web site is organized by project. My goal is to organize all the information for a particular project in a single folder. So, for example, if you would like all the local links for GLOBE aerosol-related work, I could send you just that self-contained folder.
  2. Graphs of all the sun photometer data reported to GLOBE (and a little of my own that has not been reported to GLOBE) are available. Even though I try to stay up-to-date with active sites, the graph(s) for your particular site may not always include all your most recent reports!
  3. I have provided (and will continue to provide, from time to time), links to HTML versions of my past presentations at GLOBE Annual Meetings.
  4. The site contains my own versions of the GLOBE Aerosols and Water Vapor Protocols. Unlike the versions of these protocols maintained on the GLOBE web site, these will be updated and improved from time to time. If you are implementing these protocols, please refer to my online versions for the latest information. The site includes an HTML version of my 2003 NASA Educator's Guide publication describing the GLOBE/NASA water vapor instrument (referred to as the GLOBE/GIFTS instrument -- a reference to the now-cancelled GIFTS project). This is essentially an expanded version of the GLOBE Water Vapor Protocol, with some additional related material. (See the links to "Papers" on the home page.)

I welcome your suggestions for additions, improvements, etc.