Atmosphere Measurements Workshop for GLOBE/Trinidad & Tobago, December 2005

Double rainbow near workshop site in Trinidad and Tobago
T&T Country Coordinator (left) and David Brooks (right) with
several workshop participants
Research Professor and GLOBE Principal Investigator David Brooks traveled recently to Trinidad as a guest of the GLOBE Program in Trinidad and Tobago. He participated in two teacher training workshops, held 14-16 December, 2005, on the larger of the two main islands that comprise the southernmost country in the Caribbean island chain. Dr. Brooks is providing GLOBE sun photometers for schools in Trinidad and Tobago, as part of a major expansion of this country's GLOBE program.

The lower photo shows Dr. Brooks and some of the workshop participants, along with Mr. Henry Saunders, the Ministry of Education's GLOBE Coordinator in Trinidad and Tobago. The workshops were sponsored by Petrotrin, Trinidad and Tobago's government-owned petroleum company, and BGT&T, British Gas Trinidad and Tobago.