Here is a Level 1 Heading

Here is a Level 2 Heading

	Here is some preformatted text that has
 	been created with the pre element. Note that it retains the 
paragraph tab
in the original       document. Also, it does not "collapse" line feeds
		white          spaces. Often, it is easier to use preformatted text than it
is to use markup to get the same effect. Note, however, that the default 
rendering of
preformatted text is to use a monospaced Courier font. This is often a good choice for
displaying code in an HTML document, but perhaps not a good choice for other kinds of text content.

Here, a small graphic (the check box) has been inserted into the document using the "img" element. This text is outside the preformatted region, so the default font is different. If you look at the original document, you can also see that white spaces and line feeds are now collapsed.

Note too, that the text is now centered. The way the text is displayed will depend on how you have the display window set in your browser. It may change when you go from full screen to a window, for example.

Centering is now turned off. The default text alignment is to the left of your screen. You can change the size and color of text by using the <font> element.