Creating a Web page on dunx1

All Drexel students are entitled to a maximum of 15 MB of server space for Web pages. All student Web pages are hosted as UNIX shell accounts on the dunx1 server.

To transfer and manage files, PC users should use the SSH Secure File Transfer Client. Mac users should use Fetch. See below about downloading this software. The Host Name is and the User Name is your Drexel ID.

Enter your user ID (for example, first, middle and last name initials followed by two numbers). Then enter your Drexel email password. (You may need to renew your password periodically. To reset your password go to Log in with your username and password, and click on Manage your Accounts. From there you can click on the Academic Unix link to change your dunx1 password.)

When you are connect to dunx1, create a folder named public_html -- this is where your Web documents will reside. You can now drag one or numerous folders containing your webpage files (code and images) into this folder. Name your main home page 'index.html' or 'index.htm'. You can create this file with a text editor such as NotePad or with AceHTML. If you use a document-based program such as Word, you must save the file as type text.

You can also create subfolders within public_html and access them in your HTML code. For example to display a picture from a subfolder: <img src="my_images/picture.bmp">

Your Web page is now available at However, before you can actually view your Web page, you must first "publish" it. To do this, you must log on to the home directory of your dunx1 account (using the SSH Secure Shell Client that is accessible from the File Transfer application) and type "webshare". Then type "exit" to close the connection. You must repeat this procedure whenever you post a new file on your Web page (but not when you modify existing files).

You can download SSH or fetch software from

For additional questions regarding your dunx1 account contact user support at 215-895-2698