GLOBE Aerosol Optical Thickness Data

The graphs below contain AOT values calculated from GLOBE sun photometer data. The GLOBE AOT calculations do not include corrections for ozone absorption. The data in the graphs represent the GLOBE-calculated AOT values minus average ozone corrections -- 0.01 AOT units for the 505 nm (green) channel and 0.03 AOT units for the 625 nm (red) channel.

The data shown below are divided into two categories based on the 1-5 data quality control flag system used for GLOBE AOT values. Flag values 1-3 are represented by solid symbols and values 4-5 are represented by open symbols. The data includes sets of measurements for which the AOT values are not closely clustered together (flagged as 3). This may be an indication of cloud contamination or other problems. As a result, values included in the graphs may still be suspect. On the other hand, it is virtually certain that values with open symbols are not correct.

The contents of this file are updated from time to time. Each graph gives the date of the last entry included in the graph. More data about each site, including contact names and e-mail addresses (where available) can be found here. Address questions to: David Brooks.

List of GLOBE AOT data sources